The Steps to Take for Home Junk Removal

If you have built up an amount of junk and waste that you need to dispose of or you need to clear out a property full of items then you can either do it yourself or hire a house clearance firm to safely help you out.

There are certain things that you can do for free by recycling and giving away some stuff to save costs, you could give unwanted items to a charity shop which would gladly accept your donation as long as they are in decent condition.

You can recycle anything made from plastic, glass and paper / card and your local council will have designated places with suitable containers to do this. You can also request for some containers to be delivered to the property so the recycling process is made easier.

Any oil, chemicals or certain electrical equipment will have to be disposed of at a specialised licensed recycling plant.

If you are hiring a firm to help you out then you should only use their services if they have the appropriate licenses to dispose of waste in the correct and law abiding way. Check their website for details of who they are licensed with and if in doubt you should check with the licensee for proof.

If you pay someone to take somewhere and they illegally dump it, you will ultimately responsible for this through not doing your researh.

Do not hire anyone who just has a mobile phone number as their contact details. They should have a landline and a registered address.

If you are researching for a house clearance company go to any search engine and write a phrase like house clearance in kensington for best results. Make it area specific so you get the closest reputable company near you.

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