Planting New Rain Forests

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 Rain I what we need to keep literally everything on Earth alive from plants, animals and human beings. We simply could not survive without it.


It also washes toxins from the atmosphere and gives us plenty of drinking water.

Too many trees are being cut down in the rain forests at an alarming rate and they need to be replaced as soon as possible.

The rain forest currently holds 2/3rds of the plants on earth.

A number of products are produced from the rain forest such as chocolate, rice and wood to name a few.

A number of medicines that we currently take have ingredients found in these forests. Some are also to combat cancer.

There at times, is too much water for the rain forest to cope with. This is why a lot of plants have wax type leaves to help combat the downpour.

The rain forest also floods a lot because of this.

The quality of the soil is rather poor which has leads to trees adapting to this. The roots do not go down as deep as a tree with better soil. The tend to grow along ground level rather than deep down which helps the support. Some of the plantations even grow without soil because of this.

All plants need the sun rays in order to grow and live. The sun does get through to the plants below as the upper part of the plants allow some light to get in. However, the plants need to adapt to this and find new ways to reach the rays.

Author bio: Andrew is spokesperson for the environment and is a supporter of saving the rain forest and the wildlife in the UK and around the globe. You can read the Andrew Charalambous Vote purple article here or view Andrew Charalambous Official Twitter page for up to date tweets and information.

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