Top Ukulele Strumming Patterns

The first thing you need to realize about best ukulele strumming patterns is not about how complicated or fancy you can make the pattern, but more on its consistency and steadiness in forming good and pleasing rhythm. A consistent and steady ukulele strumming patter is always pleasing to the ears compared to the complicated ones.

Most of the strumming patterns in ukulele are played in 4/4 tie signature. This primarily means that it is paled consistently and steadily with the count of one, two, three and four and then repeats. This can be use for songs which has also 4/4 time signatures. As you practice, thisĀ ukulele strumming patters, you can immediately learn some complex strumming patters in playing the instrument.


A. d-d-d-d

This pattern is very simple and highly effective for beginners as it only allows you to strum down. As you can continuosly practice this strumming pattern, you can count loud and focus on the lining your down strum in every beat of the song you are playing.

B. du-du-du-du

When you already mastered the first strumming pattern, add in the up strums in between the down strum to make it more interesting. You can count up these strums in between the main beats by counting one and two and three and four and repeat.